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Poznan Poland

This part of the Poland Poland website is about the wonderful city of Poznan in western Poland. It features a large number of pictures of Poznań; a brief description of the city, places of interest, comments left by visitors on Poznan; and offers visitors a free Poznan email address!



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Poznan (Posen) is a wonderful city in the west of Poland with over 579,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the Warta River, and is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical center. Poznań's impressive cathedral is the earliest church in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers: duke Mieszko I, king Boleslaus the Brave, king Mieszko II, duke Casimir I the Restorer, duke Przemysł I and king Przemysł II.

Today Poznan is a vibrant centre for trade, industry, and education. Poznań is Poland's 5th largest city and 4th biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of Wielkopolski (the Greater Poland Voivodeship). Increasingly the city is attracting tourists from all over the world.


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